Tanuki Blade.

Planet Byrinth
A world filled with Sword and Sorcery laced with Technology.
The adventures of Unagi and his goal to restore Tanuki Blade take place during Byrinth's Selcouth Age in the year 965 S.A. and onward.

Inhabitants of Byrinth

The Ryu-Zoku (Dragon-Tribe)
A near-extinct race that Unagi belongs to. Many mysteries revolve around this tribe and of their demise.

The  Magi Tribe
Consists of humans born with the gift of magic. Through time they are simply labled as witches and wizards and largely feared by common folk. However, they are a benevolent tribe in tune with the world of  Byrinth. And helpful to those in need. With the growing persecution and murderous attacks they have endured, the remaining Magi that survived have decided to organize and retaliate against the Humans, while very few seek peaceful resolutions thus splitting the Magi into two groups.

The most prevalent  inhabitants of Byrinth, constantly revolutionizing the world through science and engineering. Most Humans find the Magi Tribe as non-sense folk, mere stage performers or as servants of evil. Among the Humans, there is a growing organized movement determined to eradicate all of the Magi Tribe.

There are also many more diverse races, such as other humans with varying cultures along with dwarves, goblins, orcs and the faery folk that are yet to be revealed.

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