Tanuki Blade.

Character Concept art of Tanuki Blade

Cerise Crissaegrim

Concept art of Unagi and Cerise.
They have boots on!
Cerise came a long way, I have earlier art I am relunctant to show, but this was when I was heading to a design I felt was getting closer. However, she wasn't spunky, and she needed a spunkier look.
As for Unagi, I wasn't feeling the boots, and to give Unagi a more closer and consistent Dragon like appearence, I designed him with clawed feet.

Concept art of Sienna, a fellow witch and rival of Cerise for Unagi's attention.

More concept art of Unagi . Notice he has five fingers? However still clawed, as his design was worked on more, I decided to go with 3 clawed hands to give him a more Dragon boy appearance.

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